Sunny Baudelaire

Sunny Baudelaire is the smallest of the Baudelaire, and likes to bite. Sunny was very small for her age, but had four very sharp teeth that help the Baudelaires in their adventures. She speaks in a way that you can’t, (expect her siblings) but she had learned to speak English more. Sunny just learn how to cook one of the best food you can try, and she is barely one year old.

Klaus Baudelaire


Klaus Baudelaire is the middle brother, and the only boy. Klaus was 13, and he wears glasses. Klaus like to read, and if you ask he what a words means he give you the definition. Klaus research has helped them to save their lives each time. Klaus had just turn 13 on book seven.

Violet Baudelaire

Violet Baudelaire is the oldest of her siblings. Violets just turn 15, and she always tied her ribbon to think of making an invention.  The oldest sibling inventions always help them escape unfortunate events. Violet had always loved her siblings, and took care of them.

Count Olaf

Count Olaf is one person in the world that you don’t to meet. Olaf schemes of stealing the fortune of the Baudelaire, and taking their friends. Count has one eyebrow, a tattoo in his ankle, and Shiny bright eyes.  Count Olaf was the first guardian the Baudelaires had, and the meanest one. Count Schemes are many in order from the first book to the twelve are 1.Trying to marry Violet for fortune. 2. Killing the Baudelaires uncle. 3. Killing their aunt. 4. Hypnotizing Klaus to kill someone. 5. Taking the children friends. 6. Making his girlfriend to push them down an elevator. 7. Arresting the Baudelaires for the kill Olaf did. 8. Taking Violet, and trying to kill her. 9. Killing his henchmen. 10. Taking sunny, and making her work. 11. Took them to jail. 12. Killed the Sub-sub Librarian.