The Penultimate Peril, written by Lemony Snicket (Daniel Handler), is a book that says that you might have to do bad things sometimes to save yourself from a problem.  The Baudelaires are Sunny, Klaus, and Violet that had to live somewhere following them name Count Olaf. After the Baudelaires adventure undersea, the Baudelaires meet with someone pregnant named Kit Snicket that rode the children to the Hotel Denouement. The children disguise themselves as concierge, and met two twin managers. (One bad and one good) The Baudelaires went to floor when the children met people that the children seen before in the others book. Dewey Denouement (the triplet of the twins Managers) told the Baudelaires a lot of secret the children didn’t know, but later Count Olaf came to shoot Dewey Denouement. The judge started court, (blind folded) but then the three notice that the judge was taken by Count Olaf. The Baudelaires burned the hotel to warn people to come, and escape with Count Olaf in a ship to the sea.